Icebug launching two new models at ISPO

Icebug Jarv Norna
Left: The Norna RB9X Oat Terracotta. Right: The Järv RB9X Pesto Lavender. Photo: Icebug

The Swedish company Icebug is launching new products at the OutDoor by ISPO event in Munich, Germany, which takes place from June 3 to 5.

The new Icebug trail runner Järv RB9X and Norna RB9X are being introduced at the show.

Järv RB9X

The new style Järv RB9X offers Icebug’s unique grip combined with comfort and a new midsole made with 55% bio-based TPU content from corn-based Susterra. According to head of design Jerome Manceau, Järv RB9X may well be the best trail runner the company has ever made.

“Järv fits like a glove, grips anything and gives incredible rebound and roll. It’s made to tackle tough terrain as well as offer cushioning for longer runs,” Manceau said.

The Järv RB9X Dark Cherry Yellow. Photo: Icebug

Icebug involved a local running community to give feedback and input.

The company said the Järv RB9X launch is also important from a sustainability angle. Most trail running shoes are made with more than 90% new oil-based material, having no biobased or recycled material content in the product specifications. Thanks to the new Susterra midsole, castor bean nylon upper and 26% natural rubber outsole, Icebug has managed to make a trail runner with only 47% new oil. The remaining 53% consists of biobased materials, recycled materials and minerals in the outsole compound.

“This is an actual breakthrough in the trail running segment and something that would have real effect should more brands chose to copy us – which we hope they do,” said Icebug sustainability manager Maria Munther.

Norna RB9X

Norna is built on the same platform as the Mosi RB9X for comfort and rebound. The company said this is a shoe you can walk with for a whole day and still have fresh feet and legs at the end of the day.

The Norna RB9X Oat Almond. Photo: Icebug

“Norna RB9X is a sneaker for those who loves a great looking sneaker but longs for high comfort, function and durability. It’s a shoe for mindful consumers with an active lifestyle,” Manceau said.

Norna has an RB9XTM outsole, meaning you can walk safely on wet and slippery surfaces such as rocks and boat decks. It is an excellent shoe for daily strolls, yet technical enough for demanding hikes.

The upper material is water-repellent yet breathable and made from nubuck leather, suede leather, and recycled polyester.