New week-long hiking trail opens in northern Italy

Feltre. Photo: Francesco Foti/Pixabay

The Rhaetian Way, also known as the Cammino Retico, has been opened in the Dolomites region of Italy.

The organisers of the route, Carpe Diem Feltre, say the 170km (106 miles) circular trail can be done in seven days.

It begins (and ends) in Aune di Sovramonte, near the city of Belluno. It lies north of Venice, about half way to the Austrian border. Walkers taking on the trail will see a range in altitudes of between 400m and 1.3km above sea level.

There are 10 villages along the route in the Veneto and Trentino regions, with accommodation for hikers.

The route is named after the Rhaetian people, or Rhaeti, who inhabited the alpine region before the Roman Empire took over.

The trail follows ancient pre-Roman tracks in the Cismon Valley, the highlands of Sovramonte and Lamon, and the historic villages of Fonzaso, Arsiè, Seren del Grappa, Cesiomaggiore, Feltre and Pedavena.

Points of interest along the way include the Neanderthal site of Mount Avena, the Sanctuary of San Vittore and Corona, the Villa of Centenere and the walled city of Feltre.

Of natural interest are the Seren Valley, the slopes of Monte Grappa and the natural area of Vinchetto.

More information can be found here.