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The Walking Post is intended to be a news website for walking, primarily in Europe. It features news on equipment, new trails, books, and a weekly podcast. It won’t feature reviews of gear, because it’s so subjective. From personal experience, the greatest waterproof jacket might not even fit, or £500 for a pair of boots might not be realistic. So, we’ll just give you the information.

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The Walking Post, and its associated podcast, Talking Walking, are a part of Ayr Coastal Media, which features several news websites, as well as writing, editing, and podcast production services.

The company is run by avid hiker Jim Cornall, who has hiked in dozens of countries, and completed several long-distance trails. Now based in Scotland, Cornall is an award-winning writer, editor, photographer, broadcaster and designer.

He has been editor of magazines, websites, and newspapers, and has written and taken photos for hundreds of publications around the world. He has written nine books, although none of them are on walking.