WNDR Alpine goes into activewear with microalgae and biobased materials

Phase Series
The Phase Series. Photo: Kevin Kinghorn

WNDR Alpine – the outdoor brand launched by the biotechnology company Checkerspot – is releasing the Phase Series, a high performance, low impact activewear line powered by ingredients derived from microalgae.

The Phase Series builds upon WNDR Alpine’s successes creating skis and snowboards with microalgae-derived high performance materials.

The team has taken the microalgae oil used in WNDR Alpine skis’ and boards’ AlgalTech construction and worked with the Swiss green chemistry innovator Beyond Surface Technologies to create miDori bioWick WA, a 100% petroleum-free textile finish, formulated with microalgae oil and designed to move moisture away from an athlete’s skin to accelerate evaporation for better comfort. miDori bioWick WA offers an 80% lower carbon footprint than a traditional wicking finish, while retaining competitive performance.

WNDR Alpine’s GM and founder, Matt Sterbenz said: “I think of the Phase Series as an important part of our progression to bring biobased innovation to life through products that benefit the mountain athlete. The collection’s name is a tribute to the many different environments, situations, and phases of the day in which we envisioned the use of this apparel in our core community.”

Recycled and biobased materials

In addition to the use of miDori bioWick WA, each of the five pieces in the Phase Series is constructed from a variety of recycled and biobased materials designed for performance and comfort, including recycled nylon, recycled elastane, and Tencel derived from eucalyptus.

“Expanding the reach and impact of microalgae-derived materials is critical to us, so we designed the Phase Series for exertion, recovery, and everything in between,” said Romy Koles, WNDR Alpine’s soft goods manager.

“The Phase Series is packed with hidden features that embody both performance and minimalism, to create a package that’s equally comfortable for biking, hiking, urban wear, and anything our community might be up to in between alpine activities. To further support our mission of environmentally responsible performance, we’re utilizing a US-based production house and fulfilling directly to our community via carbon neutral shipping from our Design Lab in Salt Lake City.”

“It is the full package that sets it apart and makes it an industry first,” said Matthias Foessel, CEO of Beyond Surface Technologies.

“This is a plug-and-play solution that enables mass volume adoption to empower the entire apparel industry players to lower their carbon footprint and meet environmental impact targets.”