New trail in Cypus looks to draw tourists

Photo: Limassol tourism

The Limassol tourism organisation in Cyprus has created a new trail just to the east of the city.

The 7.8km Gyrismata circular nature trail starts in Parekklisia, about 20km east of Limassol.

The 7.8km circular path starts in the Manoulades area in Parekklisia. It follows a ‘picturesque path’ that was previously used by locals to and from Prastio and Kellaki, mostly with donkeys in tow. The route follows the path of a local stream, crossing the Limassol forest with what the trail developers said is a unique view of the sea and the Bay of Limassol.

The path has been mapped and marked, and the tourist group has installed infrastructure such as benches, bins and maps along the route. The work was completed with the support of the Forestry Department and the cooperation of the Chapel Community Council.

In addition, two bicycle routes have been created, which include bicycle racks and a bicycle repair point. One route is of moderate difficulty and a distance of 19km, while the second route is shorter at 13 km, and also easier. Most of the routes are in the forest, and the surface is mixed, consisting of both asphalt and dirt.