New international Camino from Croatia to Bosnia-Herzegovina to be created

Photo: City of Dubrovnik

There’s a new Camino pilgrimage walk to tackle.

A route from Dubrovnik, in Croatia, to Međugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina, has been officially agreed.

The future tourist-pilgrimage path Camino Dubrovnik – Međugorje was presented in the Great Hall of the City of Dubrovnik, and the first public presentation of the project was preceded by the ceremonial signing of an agreement on participation in the project between the partners – the City of Dubrovnik, the City of Čapljina, the municipalities of Dubrovnik Littoral, Ravno, Neum and Čitluk and the tourist board of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.

Mayor Mato Franković signed the agreement in front of the City of Dubrovnik, and said: “I believe that we are launching a great project, the development of which will bring new value to our environment.”

The approximately 150km trail refers to the Way of St. Jakov from Dubrovnik to Medjugorje, which would connect the St Jakov Benedictine monastery in Dubrovnik and the church of St. Jakov in Međugorje.

The new path was introduced by project coordinator Goran Cvjetinović. Most of it passes along old roads that the people of the area used historically. The route passes many natural and heritage sites. Cleaning and marking of the route in its entirety are planned during September and October, with mapping and the creation of an app to follow.