Czech national park celebrates birthday

Photo: Seaq68/Pixabay

In May 1963, the Krkonoše Mountains National Park was created in Czechia.

Situated on the border with Poland, about 60 miles (100km) northeast of the capital Prague, the park – also called the Krkonošský národní park – is popular with skiers in the winter and hikers in the summer.

The Krkonoše Mountains National Park contains more than 700 km of marked hiking trails of varying difficulty and legnth, including the country’s highest peak, Sněžka, which weighs in at 1,603.3 metres, or 5,260 feet. By comparison, the UK’s highest point, Ben Nevis, clocks in at 4,413 feet. And wander around the top of the mountain, and you’re in Poland, as the border straddles the top. The Polish side is also part of a national park, and the two parks work closely together.

The 140 square mile park features several different terrains, and it is a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site. With the different habitats, waterfalls, and more than 140 mountains, the area is a paradise for walkers, with many well marked trails to follow.

There are also picturesque communities nearby to act as a base, with Liberec, Trutnov and Vrchlabí – which is the administrative centre of the park – all within a reasonable distance. Getting from Prague Airport takes around one-and-a-half hours by car, or three hours using public transport.

Sadly, as one of the most visited national parks in Europe – annually more than 10 million people pass through the combined Czech and Polish sides of the Krkonoše Mountains – there are some inevitable problems of overuse, with trampled paths and erosion, damaged flora, waste products and emissions all causing issues the Czech government and local authorities are keen to address.

However, this year the park may see even more visitors because of the 60th anniversary of the park, as there are events planned to celebrate throughout the year. A list of events is available here (in Czech).

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