New: outdoor trade show listings

Leipziger Messe
Leipziger Messe, in Leipzig, Germany. One of the many event facilities hosting trade shows. Photo: Jim Cornall

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Love checking out what’s new?

Then we have a page to get you excited – a listing of all of the outdoor related events and trade shows taking place around Europe.

You can check it out here.

From the UK to Greece, there are all kinds of shows available. Some are purely outdoors related, and include everything from snowboarding to climbing equipment, maps to tents. Others are packaged as part of a caravan show. And still others are travel and tourism shows that include hiking as an option.

So, it’s definitely best to check out the websites concerned, to ensure it’s what you’re looking for. The same goes for the entry criteria. Some are free, others not, some are open to the public, others only to the outdoor trade, so please check first.

We are adding this page as a service, so a listing doesn’t necessarily mean we’re endorsing the event. And times and dates are always subject to change, so please check the individual websites to ensure that not only are the dates and venues correct, but also that the event is actually taking place.  COVID-19 created chaos in the trade show industry and, from personal experience, even though events may be taking place, it’s always wise to check for other potential issues. In early 2023, a lot of events were adversely affected by airport, train and subway strikes in various countries.  

While we’ve tried to find all the events, there are no doubt ones we’ve missed, so please do send us any links to events to add to the list. And also feel free to invite us to attend!