New guidebook pushes Greenland as a tourist and hiking destination

New from Bradt, Greenland is the first standalone travel guidebook to the country from a mainstream publisher.

Targeted at independent travellers, but equally serving those visiting on organised tours or cruises, the guide combines information – such as getting around on an island lacking roads connecting the major settlements – with advice on what to see and do, and where to stay and eat. ​

The world’s largest island, but also part of the Kingdom of Denmark, Greenland sits near the top of the world, a vast expanse of white in a planet full of green, blue and brown. Today’s visitors relish opportunities for close encounters with immense icebergs and glaciers. The epic scenery provides the backdrop to the numerous activities on offer – from visiting the Arctic’s largest ice sheet or taking to the sea in search of 13 species of whale, and from hiking the 160-km-long Arctic Circle Trail to seeking out musk oxen, walruses and the rare polar bear.

​Greenland in winter is another world, when long polar nights are brightened by the Northern Lights and the reflections of the snow. It remains a snowy paradise until spring – the best time to travel by dog sled or snowmobile across the frozen tundra.

​Greenland has always been a destination for pioneering explorers, whether that has been the Inuit who arrived from the west, the Norsemen who came from the east, or mariners seeking the Northwest Passage. Part of the attraction for today’s visitors is to experience an element of the challenges they faced.

Although travel within Greenland can be tricky given limited infrastructure and often adverse weather conditions, it can be a remarkably easy place in which to travel, with the right planning, a flexible attitude and the right advice – which is precisely where Bradt’s Greenland comes in.

Authors Gill and Alistair Campbell said: “Greenland is a place that we have grown to love and it seems incredible that so few people visit, given how much it has to offer. It is a vast country and we have now visited every region, met with Greenlandic dog-sled mushers, boat skippers and Inuit who run remote cabins. Our aim in this book is to help travellers plan their own epic adventure in this wild, beautiful, untouched Arctic land.”

The 264-page book is available for pre-order now as a paperback or e-book.